Grow Bag

Bensel offers a line of coco coir products to meet grower’s demends and plant’s needs (climate conditions, different types of greenhouses, water qualities etc.). Our experiance enable us to combine all of the required parameters in order to adjust an ideal product.

Grow Bags are available up to 120 cm (48 inch) long and 10 cm (4 inch) to 40 cm (16 inch) wide. Grow Bag’s plastic can be supplied with planting holes, drainage slits and drilled holes for drippers stakes.

Production process is carefully monitored by our QC system and our R&D center is equipped with our own lab. Bensel in-house team of agronomists keeps infield research process to develop new products to meet the high yield potential of greenhouse crops and grower’s preferences.

Growbags are coco coir compressed slabs, wrapped by a polyethylene white/black bag.

Available dimensions are from 8 cm up to 16 cm high and from 10 cm up to 40 cm wide. The length is up to 120 cm.

Planting and drainage holes can be ordered in advance or easily make at the plot.

Coco coir growbags enable the grower full control over the crop.

Coco Coir grow bags are easy to handle in the greenhouse and are being used as a complete growing system.

Coco Coir Grow Slab

Grow Slabs are compressed coco coir slabs which are used in designated containers, trances in soil or just by laying them on the ground.

Grow Slabs are the easiest solution when growers has their own troughs.

Grow Slabs are also popular as better growing environment substrate in the soil, enabling the roots easy establishment in the growing row