Coco Peat 25kg Bale

Coco peat bale is also known as coir pith or coir dust, it’s made from coconut husks. Coco peat primarily consists of the coir fiber pith or coir dust which is obtained by processing coconut husk and removing the long fibers.

Planet Coco’s peat 25 KG bale is made up of lightly compressed and easy to loosen up coco peat.

The compression ratio is 2 is to 1, so the expansion is fast and easy. Planet Coco’s 25 KG bale’s coco peat is low in EC and have very low salt content. Our Coco peat is aged and composted for over 18 months and thorough washed.

We can make custom blends for high volume orders. These bales can be made with different coco peat and coco husk mixtures.


  • Planet Coco’s Peat block is an environmentally-friendly & sustainable organic alternative to peat moss.
  • Planet Coco’s Peat block can be used in greenhouses, vertical gardens, landscaping & grow bags.
  • Planet Coco’s Peat block can be used exclusively alone as a growing medium, blended together or mixed with expanded clay pellets, perlite or topsoil.
  • Planet Coco’s Peat block can be used as a great bedding material for worm farms.
  • Planet Coco Peat block is ideal for self-watering pots and planters, container gardens and hydroponics.
  • Planet Coco’s Peat block is perfect for all types of plants including fruits, flowers, vegetables, bonsai, cactus, orchid, roses, succulents, mushrooms and hydroponics