Coir Fiber

We export fine coir fibers extracted from mature green and brown coconut husks. Coir is widely used for commercial and industrial applications to design mats, mattresses, brushes and upholstery.

It is known for its low decomposition rate. We provide coir fiber that is free from 2-3% pith, and roots.

Natural coir fiber is baled with the assistance of rust free iron Hoops or plastic straps, to ensure its high quality and utility. Our products are available at competitive prices. We also customise the product for a client.

Coir fiber is used in the bedding industry, for automobile upholstery and for erosion control.

  • Water-proof
  • Resistant to salt water
  • Free from 2-3% pith, roots, etc
  • Baled with the assistance of rust free Iron Hoops (or) plastic straps, to ensure its high quality and utility.
  • Coir Fiber extracted from matured green and brown Coconut Husks
  • Processed fine finest fibers ideal for making of mattresses, door mats, sacking, etc.

We export Coir fiber is of two types–brown and white. We are one of the leading coconut coir fiber manufacturers & suppliers, based in Salem. Coir obtained from fresh green coconut is termed as white fiber, which is finer than the brown fiber.

The brown fiber is the outcome of seasoned fully matured coconuts which lose their green color in the process.Each of them has their own distinct types of applications.

The brown fiber is widely used for fabrication of doormats, brushes, coir mattresses and other upholstery material.

Whereas the white fiber is used for making ropes, making fishing nets, and other eco-friendly products.

The Coir fiber products like coir foam mattresses are offered at competitive prices and customization of the product is given priority.

We are one of the highly acclaimed coconut coir foam mattresses manufacturers and suppliers from madurai, Tamil nadu.

Our coconut coir mattresses are eco-friendly, durable and cost effective. We are reckoned as a prime natural coir foam mattresses manufacturer and coir mattresses exporter in India.

Our promise to our customer’s

  • Lowest possible cost.
  • Stable quality maintained throughout the production process.
  • Committed to deliver right product and long term partnership.